When you are looking for unique event, Kalinka International DMC team will create the theme like “Soviet party”, “Imperial Russian Ball”, “Space theme party”, “Party like a Russian” scenario, design and provide production solutions to make your event memorable.


Moscow is the right place to arrange the trendiest, fashionable, most dynamic and porch events. Kalinka International will select for you thematic modern or historical venue, decorate it in your event style, take guests to your event in retro cars or private limos and bring in best entertainment with historical heroes look alike, Russian cossacks, gypcies, Red Army choir and more and of course will delight your guests with elaborate Moscow cuisine.


Russian imperial atmosphere, elegant style, historical palaces, famous Russian ballet, transfer in historical carriage and best tsar’s cuisine old recipes with fusain modern elements will mark your event and make it unforgettable. Imagine empress Elizabeth or Catherine the Great taking morning cup of coffee at one of the state rooms of Catherine’s palace or Rastutin waiting for audience with Irina Yusupova at the Yusupov’s palace and many other historical scenarios that may become part of your unique event in Saint-Petersburg with Kalinka International DMC. We will create unique scenario of your event in Saint-Petersburg.