Ritch history and culture, rapid transition from communism to capitalism, emerging economy and unique mystery of the destination are only few reasons for choosing Russia for you next incentive program.
Matreshka dolls painting, learning about Vodka production, vodka and caviar testing, tank riding, meeting in person with an astronaut that has been to the space, private tours of Kremlin and Hermitage and farewell dinner at the historical Yusupov’s palace are only few of our incentive activities for creating your unique program in Russia with Kalinka International DMC.


Moscow is the capital of Russia, financial and business center. It is the city that never sleeps, constantly develops and will always surprise you. You will feel special visiting Moscow Kremlin before hours, dining at the Stalin’s Bunker, taking Moscow River cruise through icy river in winter, dining with an astronaut that has been to the space, drinking vodka at the highest in the world ice bar or enjoying Moscow Mule cocktail with the view over Red square from one of the best terraces of Moscow.


With impressive number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Saint-Petersburg stands out as one of the world’s premier destinations for incentives. Imperial Russia themed program, private tours of world famous Hermitage or other tsar’s palaces, visit of opera or ballet performances at the legendary Mariinskiy theatre and gala dinner at one of the tsar’s palaces with private ballet performance are only few of plenty options that may be included into your lifetime experience with Kalinka International DMC in Saint-Petersburg.


Sochi is the capital of 2014 Winter Olympic games and one of the world class skiing and winter sport resorts and venues, tropical cost line, good level hotels and great opportunity to explore the region and get acquainted with Caucasian cuisine. It is a great location for active and sportive incentive programs when clients are looking for hiking, biking, tracking, rafting, skiing and any other adventurous activities in warm and mild climate with Caucasian flavor.