Luxury travel and Special Interest Tours

Incentive programs quality, corporate client’s demand for speed and quality of services daily upgrade Kalinka International DMC team skills and experience to deliver the best quality services to our leisure clients. Each of our luxury leisure or special interest programs is like a small incentive trip because it is always tailor-made with part of our heart and soul dedicated to it.


Historical and modern Russian capital, it is the city that will surprise you with speed and efficiency of its day life and richness of its nightlife. Interested to immerse into modern Moscow day and night life, to learn about Soviet history, visit Stalin’s bunker, meet an astronaut that has been to the space and visit Grand Kremlin’s palace in private, then Kalinka International will be the right contact for you to create and deliver the exclusive program for you.


Your dreams of going back into history visiting in private Romanov’s family palaces, having private dinner at the historical palace, sitting at the Tsar’s box of Mariinskiy theatre at the world-famous ballet will come true with Kalinka International programs in Saint-Petersburg. World famous Hermitage, Catherine’s palace, Amber room, Faberge eggs collection and much more wonders of the world are waiting for you in Saint-Petersburg and we will help you to visit them in the most pleasant way.


KAZAN is the capital of Tatarstan, city where Russian Orthodox and Muslim religions meet. It is the city which boasts of a rich history. It is the Sports Capital of Russia. It is also famous for its Tatar cuisine. Locals call it Istanbul at the Volga river. It is a multicultural city with impressive architecture. Kazan is a good addition to your trip to Russia out of the beaten track.


SOCHI is the world class skiing and winter sport Resort. There are world class venues, tropical coastline, a surplus of hotels and accommodation. It is a base to explore neighboring Abkhazia and to taste delicious Caucasian cuisine.


EKATERINBURG is the city where East and West of Russia meet. It’s unique architectural environment, Industrial heritage, Exceptional museums, dramatic past with death of Romanov’s family, gemstones and jewelry make it an interesting destination for leisure trips. It is the city where you can see true Russia and meet real Russian people.


BAIKAL is the deepest lake in the world. Here you can meet the Local People (Siberians), see most beautiful nature, eat Baikal Lake omul fish, experience physical and spiritual purification and have diverse programs. It is one of the most beautiful natural resorts in Russia. We will make visit of Baikal life memory experience for you.


In KAMCHATKA, you can climb an active volcano, walk down the Geyser Valley, see a bears out in the wild, soak up in the natural hot springs, walk down a black-sand beach along the Pacific ocean and much more. It is still one of the places that are not widely explored and Kalinka International can create and arrange unique programs in Kamchatka for you.